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We were existing SOP holders (Specific Operations Permit) and have recently migrated over to the new European system and now hold an Operational Authorisation IRL.UAS.AUTH1009 issued by the Irish Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency and this allows us to now operate within the EU. This will now give us the advantage to continue in 2022 with commercial Drone Services under the new legislation. We are fully insured commercial operators.

Drone Photography in Cork is one of the leading Drone Services in Cork. We pride ourselves on service and quality, Our professional Drone is a DJI Inspire 2 with a Zenmuse X5 Camera onboard and we recently added the Mavic 3 Enterprise to our fleet which are the industry standard for commercial drone services and this allows us to offer High Resolution Images & 4K Video.

We are not affiliated with any agency and you are working with a professional operator that will complete the task from start to finish !

We currently offer our services to Auctioneers, Construction Companies, Developers, Engineers, Construction Projects, Planning Permission, Solar Panel Inspection, Roof Inspections, Crash Investigation Assessors, Press, Media, Event, Promotional Pictures & Video for Websites or Social Media, ENG Camera, News Reports, Local News. We are proud members of the Cork Chamber

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Richard Coleman

Richard Coleman is a commercial Drone Pilot with several years of experience operating in the Specific Category, holds an Operational Authorization IRL.AUTH.1009  and is a Professional Photographer & Videographer in Media, Press and Commercial Photography.