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Approved by the Irish Aviation Authority & Insured


Our (UAV) Drone is a state of the art equipment with built in safety features and is certified by the Irish Aviation Authority and we are fully insured and our Drone Pilot is fully qualified and would have completed Ground School Training, Flight Examination and a Drone Training Course with the Irish Aviation Authority and this allows us to fly within controlled airspace which is a radius of 15 nautical miles of Cork Airport plus we would hold other specific exemptions. 
The mission of Drone Photography Cork is to provide High Resolution Aerial Pictures and 4K Video in the munster region.
We currently offer our services to Auctioneers, Construction Companies, Developers, Engineers, Construction Projects, Events, Press, Media and offer short promotional videos to any business that wish to promote their services on social media or their website or if you wish to showcase your property from a different perspective.
I'm a member of the National Union Journalists and a Press Photographer and offer traditional High Resolution Pictures & Video.
Drone Photography is a trading name of Aperture Photography and therefore we can offer traditional high resolution images for the Media and Press and we are a member of the National Union Journalists You can also contact us to discuss any specific requirements that you may require. We work to strict safety procedures and operating manual. We will not shoot directly over a crowd, but we can get great angle shots of crowds from safe distances. If we have a small amount of people which are directly under our control and have been briefed, we  may be to take shots with a closer range, safety is always our main priority. The pilot reserves discretion to adjust the flight lines for the shot to always take safety as the prime consideration.
If we can’t go ahead with a job on account of bad weather, we will make every effort to accommodate you on a later date. In certain circumstances, a pre site inspection may be required before a project is undertaken. A pre site inspection is usually carried out to obtain information of possible risks and obstructions to flight. Once complete a further pre flight site inspection will also be carried out on the day of flight as per our operations manual. We retain the original  copyright to all images/media unless otherwise stated and may use for our own advertising purposes. Our clients have full use of all photography and filmed material for their own business promotion, media, print, marketing, advertising and website use. Our clients are not permitted to sell the material or allow general 3rd parties to use it without prior written agreement with us.