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We use enterprise drones with a 20-effective-MP sensor with an 84° field of view (FOV) and a mechanical shutter that allows us to capture substantial data in every image. Additionally, it prevents motion blur and supports shorter shooting intervals of 0.7 seconds with a 56× zoom Hasselblad camera on board and an RTK module to enhance centimeter-level accuracy during surveying and mapping. 

This is a major cost saving as you don't have to travel to the site or hire a hoist, put scaffolding up and then the additional cost for someone to physically look at the roof, as we take very high quality pictures and send you a PDF with the pictures that you can clearly see if there are any cracked tiles or missing tiles on the roof. 

We do roof surveys for roofing companies prior to them going on site as they know the extend of the damage and can quote the client for repairs and we also do roof surveys for insurance companies and they send the pictures to their team to investigate the damage. 


Roof Surveys

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • IAA Certified 
  • EASA approved to operate in EU
  • Enterprise Drones
  • Operational Authorisation
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